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A Week with The Next Generation Leaders

Tngl hosted two students Ella and Teodor from the International School of Helsinki to participate in the week of work-life experience. As part of the academic program, the students had a chance to immerse themselves in the dynamic environment of Tngl and gain hands-on experience.

Students were exposed to real-world projects and given the opportunity to apply their skills in a practical setting. Tngl CEO Mustafa asked the students why they were interested in Tngl.

"I applied to Tngl, a Finnish start-up that connects people of all ages, backgrounds, and gender. I was interested in the opportunity to work in design, marketing, and sales, and believed my perspective as a younger generation could bring fresh ideas to the company." - Ella "I applied to Tngl as an intern because their mission of 'leadership as a lifestyle' aligns with my passion for leading. Additionally, their focus on helping young people develop skills and connections for future success resonates with me." - Teodor

The interns also shared that their experience at Tngl was valuable. Ella and Teodor were exposed to different aspects of the business and leadership. They were encouraged to use their creativity to promote the product and enjoyed creating social media content. They also appreciated being able to collaborate with the team and share ideas.

“During the TET Work Life Experience, we had the opportunity to delve into three essential areas of business with the students: design and leadership, content creation, and sales. The experience was enlightening for all, and we gained invaluable insights into each area of focus. One of the most notable aspects of the internship was the leadership shift with Ella and Teodor. From the first day, it was evident that both possessed the ability to independently assess and initiate tasks. It was impressive to see how they seamlessly shifted leadership responsibilities between themselves to ensure the successful completion of projects. Ella and Teodor's leadership skills make them the next generation of leaders, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.” - Mustafa Alshihani, the CEO of Tngl

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