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Project Belong: Students as the Architects of Inclusive Schools

Students and faculty from the International School of Helsinki, in collaboration with Tngl Studio, will lead the workshop 'Project Belong: Students as Architects of an Inclusive School' on October 30th during Helsinki Education Week. Participants will have the opportunity to explore ways in which their school can promote a sense of belonging for everyone.

What happens when a design thinker and school leadership collaborate with students to foster belonging? You uncover opportunities for change while creating a roadmap for student-initiated action. This approach delves into the ways in which school-wide design thinking places a high value on students' perspectives and equips them with the necessary tools to drive change.

"Project Belong: Students & Teachers Working Together as Architects of Inclusion" is a dynamic initiative that unites students and teachers to reshape our education systems. By blending students' fresh insights with teachers' wisdom, we're crafting a recipe for evolving schools and making them more inclusive.

This collaboration between students and teachers empowers the evolution of school systems toward greater inclusivity. By fostering open communication and collaborative projects, Project Belong ensures that diverse voices are valued. It encourages adaptable and responsive learning environments that cater to all students, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.

Project Belong understands that inclusion is an ongoing journey, and involving students in shaping their education ensures continuous growth and improvement. By letting students actively participate in their education, this project not only creates more inclusive schools but also instills a sense of responsibility for a more inclusive society.

Find all relevant information here:

Poster of Helsinki Eduction Week

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